3D Printer Repair

We have many years experience in 3D Printer Service and Repair and have used this expertise to set up the Extreme Hobbies Miami's 3D Printer service center capable of servicing up to 50 machines a week.

We specialise in, and stock parts for:
  • Makerbot: Replicator 2 and 2x; 5th Generation Replicator Min, Z18 and Standard models
  • Printrbot: Metal (AKA simple 2)
  • FlashForge: All models, but especially the Dreamer
  • Custom Printers
  • any off the shelf printer
Keeping You 3D Printing
Someone happy using their 3D printer
How Can We Help You?

We have a range of options to help you, whether you need your 3D printer repairing right now or you just want to prevent a broken 3D printer affecting output in future:

  • Managed 3D Print Service - let us handle consumables, repairs and tech support.
  • Swapouts - where you get sent a replacement whilst we fix yours.
  • Maintenance Contracts - you have an estate of 3D printers that you need supporting.
  • And of course, repairs - your 3D printer has gone wrong and you need it fixing.

We offer full service 3D printer repair. If you are experiencing difficulties please bring your printer in and we will diagnose the issue for you. Our service technicians are highly experienced and can make sure the job is done right the first time.

Common maintenance and repair services can be found below. The costs below are estimates based on common 3D printer configurations and do not include the cost of parts:



• Lube threaded rods: $20

• Belt tightening: $30 per belt

• Replace bed tape: $30

• Hot end & nozzle cleaning: $40

• Nozzle replacement: $60

• Replace belts: $80 per belt

• Replace stepper motor: $95

• Replace thermistor/thermocouple: $125

• Replace heater block: $140

• All other maintenance and calibration: $40/hour


Contact us today to get your printer tuned up!